Born in South Korea Gyeongsangnam province, Lee Ufan is now active internationally based in both Japan and France. After being dropped out of Seoul National University of Fine Arts, Ufan comes to study in Japan and graduates from the Department of Philosophy at Nihon University in 1961. The Artist plays an important role, in particularly, theoretical development of Mono School, mainly occurred at the school of Yoshishige Saito at Tama Art University in the latter half of the 1960s. Ufan’s style which pushes to bring an aesthetics of simplicity of the material itself such as wood, stone, iron plate etc., is coherent and pursed until now, “From the point” “From line” which depict drawing of points and lines becomes his signature works.

In 2010, Lee Ufan Museum of Art opens in Naoshima (designed by a prominent Japanese architect Tadao Ando). In 2014, Ufan is selected to be a representing artist to contemporary art program of Versailles. The Artist is also awarded by National Order of the Legion of Honour, Shanghai Biennial UNESCO Award, Mainichi Arts Prize and many others.


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