Born in Jilin, China, in 1981, Jiang Miao graduated from China Central Academy of Fine Arts (Printmaking Department), acquired B. F. A. in 2005, consecutively M.F. A. in 2009. From her early childhood, she has been strongly intrigued by an ancient civilization and high wisdom. Since 2003, she has committed to the idea of yin/yang, point/line, and energy/life interpretation, thus forming an eastern worldview of “Nature and Man as one”. In recent years, Jiang has been working on themes concerning life. By applying “trigram”, “spiral” as a symbol of soul, and energy-releasing “colors” as major visuals, her works suggest living truth of spirit, the soul, and body; they absorb energy from the invisible, then, release spiritual energy and magnetic field into the physical world, casting continuous thoughts for the future civilization on the excessive materialized current world. Her works have been broadly exhibited at galleries and museums in Chinese speaking countries. In 2020, her first solo exhibition in Japan was held in Whitestone Ginza New Gallery and got favorable reviews.


China Central Academy of Fine Arts; Macao Art Museum; Guyang Art Gallery; Nanjing Museum; Orient Foundation; TODAY ART MUSEUM


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