Chen Yingjie was born in 1991 in Foshan, Guangdong, China. He graduated from Raffles Design Institute in Singapore in 2010 and has exhibited his works in many cities including Paris, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Singapore. Combining classical Chinese ink painting and Western graffiti art, Chen’s paintings express a range of surging emotions that has led him to develop a unique Chinese graffiti style. Different media, materials, and places has allowed Chen dig deeper in his fusion of acrylic spray paint and Chinese ink to adapt splattering and spraying techniques. They are visually spontaneous, wild, and chaotic but purposefully placed to interpret a contemporary landscape to enhance the delicate tension of Chinese and Western integration.

Chen’s works have been the subjects of prominent collections internationally, such as the Contemporary Museum of Honolulu, WWF Hong Kong, CapitaLand Group Singapore, etc. with crossover cooperation such as luxury brands Cartier, BMW, and Louis Vuitton.



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